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Nice Mutual Water Company-Official Website


             A notification was sent to all Residents of Nice back in April of 2015 stating that we had exceeded the Maximum Contaminate Level (MCL) for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) and we stated future measures to be taken to remove the THMs. By the time the next quarter came and additional testing was required in May of 2015 we had replaced the GAC / Carbon at the treatment plant. The Carbon helped and brought the THMs results way down below the MCL. By the time the next quarter had passed in August of 2015 aeration was added to the distribution system and the August quarter was also well below the MCL.

             The Nice Mutual Water Company Board and Staff are here to ensure safe and affordable water to all our consumers.

             Trihalomethanes are a byproduct of chlorinating our drinking water. Some people who drink water containing THMs above the MCL over many years may experience an increased risk of getting cancer.

See also the 2014 CCRs and the 2015 Presidents letter.


David Fultz

General Manager

Nice Mutual Water Company